City of Santa Monica

Animal Control Section
1640 Ninth Street
Santa Monica, Ca 90404

To obtain an annual City of Santa Monica Dog License Tag, you must furnish the below items for each dog you intend to register.

For Animal Licensing Services outside the City of Santa Monica, please follow the link

  • Your full name and current mailing address
  • California ID or Driver’s License
  • Proof of residency(utility,phone,cable bill)
  • Current phone number(s) ... home, work or cell
  • Copy of current rabies vaccine record from your veterinarian
  • Copy of spay/neuter certificate(Proof of Sterility)
    • If you have difficulty providing proof through this form, or just need to send proof of rabies or sterility, please email proof to
  • Full description of dog (name, sex, breed, color, age, and size or weight)

✓    Payment of: $27.84 if dog is altered/spayed/neutered, $55.68 if dog is unaltered/unspayed/unneutered.

*** Please allow 7-14 business days for your pet's license to arrive by mail***

Pursuant to SMMC 4.04.170, all license fees are due and payable on the 2nd day of January each year and shall expire on the 31st day of December next ensuing. Dog tags will not be prorated and do not expire a full year from the date of purchase. Regardless of when a license is purchased, it will expire on December 31st of the current year.

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